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Air purifiers for any sized space

For powerful yet elegant protection, find the perfect purifier to fit into your life.

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      The path to clean air

      1. 360° air intake Air Pro takes in surroundings from every angle

      2. Particle capture Air flows through the outer filter layers, trapping large particles, and slowing down chemicals passing through the filter.

      3. PECO process Purification at it’s best. The nanocatalyst-coated filter layers react to light, destroying pollutants and leaving behind clean air.

      4. Clean air Air Pro disperses clean air into the room.

      Connect to the pureAtmes app

      Stay informed of your air quality with daily and weekly air history stats, going back as far as the previous 4 weeks. See changes to six different air quality factors in five-minute increments, or swipe back in time to see changes to individual pollutant types throughout the course of your day or week.