HearCare™ - Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

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Keeps food warm No Appoinments or Testing Required

Easy to use & temperature control AI Enabled Noise Cancelation

Sleek and durable steel surface Gov Subsidised price

Energy-efficient and convenient Un-Matched Voice clarity

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No need for any Consultations

Our Hear Care Hearing Aid offers self-adjustable settings, eliminating the need for consultations. Easily customize your hearing experience for optimal comfort and clarity. Designed for simplicity, our Hear Care Hearing Aid can be installed and set up at home

AI Enabled

India's First AI Enabled Hearing Aid

Experience next-level adaptability with our AI-enabled hearing aid, which continuously learns and adjusts to your unique hearing preferences for an optimized listening experience. our AI-enabled hearing aid, designed to evolve and improve over time, providing long-term support for your hearing health needs.

Industry Leading Features

Boasting cutting-edge technology and unmatched reliability, our hearing aid sets the standard for excellence. From advanced noise cancellation to personalized sound optimization, experience the next generation of hearing assistance designed to enhance your auditory experience like never before.

Want to know why our product is

Make in India Subsidies

Crafted in India with the support of government subsidies, we pass on the savings to you, offering quality hearing assistance at an unbeatable price point.

Experience Clarity with Confidence

Its equipped with an effective noise-cancellation mode that actively reduces background noise, allowing you to focus on the sounds that matter most.

Crisper & Clearer Sound Quality

it enhances auditory experiences by making sounds crisper and clearer. This improvement is achieved through advanced sound processing technologies that sharpen speech and audio details.

Priced 80% Lower than Traditional Hearing Aids

Being priced 80% lower than traditional hearing aids. We eliminate costly fees and commissions typically associated with audiologists and salespeople, passing the savings directly to you.

Recommended All over the World

Our product is recommended all over the world as the best AI enabled Hearing Aids for past 2 Years

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders with Cash on delivery and Prepaid Shipping. it even comes with 5 Day Replacement warranty

Loved By Thousands

Our customers have given us a 4.9/5 star rating; one of the highest in the Industry